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Safe Communities

When I speak to my friends and neighbors, I hear far too often that they’re living in fear. They’re afraid of bold criminals stealing and destroying neighborhoods, they’re worried about the southern border, and they’re worried about individuals we haven’t accounted for or haven’t been vetted. It needs to be acknowledged: crime is escalating at an alarming rate and drugs are flooding into our state across our open southern border. We’re hearing one thing from elected officials and the media, but witnessing another. Turning a local hotel into an ICE detention facility to house Afghani refugees without public transparency shows that our fear isn’t from a contrived media campaign or from far-off tragedies, it’s real and it’s in our own backyard. Runaway crime has made our communities unsafe. Most mothers I speak to are afraid to let their kids ride their bikes in the street. This isn’t the America my parents brought me to. The solution is simple but will require boldness from our elected officials and commitment to the rule of law. 1) Follow the rules that are currently in place, 2) finish the wall, and 3) fund a real effort to rebuild local law enforcement and support officers. We need more of them – not fewer – to keep us safe. Border policy falls on the shoulders of the federal government, and the State Legislature has minimal input. However, when the legislature is given the opportunity to influence our border security, I commit to upholding the rule of law and supporting our border agents.

Education - Not Indoctrination

Education should prepare us for life and cultivate the mind for critical thinking. Sadly, today’s children can expect force-fed, one-sided, racially divisive, and sexually explicit material. At an early age, this leaves our children traumatized and behind the curve on important skills like science, reading, math, and writing. The job of raising kids and instilling values belongs to parents alone, not the government. I’ll say it again, the government is no substitute for parents. Every step our government takes down that path will degrade America and ruin generations. As a mother of four school-aged children, this situation hits home. It’s why I’ve utilized the school options available in our beautiful state and enrolled my children in a local charter that reinforces, rather than undermines, my values. As your State Representative, I will have four priorities when it comes to education. 1) Protect and expand avenues for parental involvement in their children’s education, 2) emphasize civic education, 3) champion “twenty-first-century skills” while focusing on instilling excellent reading, math, and science curriculums, and 4) encourage robust school options and resources so that every family, regardless of income, can access them. My objective is to help our children be productive citizens that thrive.


I am 100% pro-life. As a mother of four, I have been a regular witness to the miracle of life. While I do support exceptions for women who have become pregnant through violence and incest, the smallest and most vulnerable members of our society deserve the fullest protection of our laws. Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided, and I look forward to representing you as this topic returns to the state level.

Free & Fair Elections

One of the hallmarks of American democracy has been our consistent, free, and fair elections. Coming from a country where elections were never secure, I can assure you that every ounce of caution in protecting our democracy is essential. However, due to weak laws and lawless officials, we no longer have confidence in our elections. Our voting rolls need to be cleaned to prevent the dead and non-citizens from voting. We shouldn’t be using machines connected to the internet. Our signature verification process, which is deeply flawed and does not meet basic standards, must be revamped. Our election officials should not have carte-blanche authority to change rules at the last minute. As your State Representative, I will build rigorous and accurate elections and continue honing the parameters in which we vote to ensure maximum security and accountability as new threats to our democracy arise.

Low Taxes, Fewer Regulations

I come from an entrepreneurial family, and I frequently speak with other business owners about their concerns. While Arizona is one of the best states in the country to do business, a slew of COVID-19-era regulations and market realities have made it increasingly difficult for small businesses to operate. Business owners face several challenges: 1) A growing minimum wage, 2) record inflation, 3) a broken supply chain, and 4) a thin workforce. It isn’t feasible for businesses to raise prices that keep pace with the cost of goods. Businesses that used to make a 12-15% margin are now barely squeaking out 3-5% putting their whole livelihood at risk. The bottom line and the philosophy that will guide my economic decisions as your State Representative is this—the smaller the government, the healthier the business climate. I will defend Arizonans from burdensome regulations and tax hikes. I will fight government overreach everyday to keep Arizona a state where entrepreneurs can thrive, and all families can afford the American dream.

2nd Amendment

I grew up with grandmothers who lived through the civil war that broke Lebanon. They kept a stockpile of arms under the floorboards to defend their families and homes. I understand the value of the Second Amendment. I am proud to defend the Second Amendment and exercise my Second Amendment right. As your State Representative, you can rely on me to fiercely defend the Second Amendment. The ability to defend oneself is a necessity that precedes true freedom—something our founding fathers understood. The lawlessness of some shouldn’t strip the rightful freedoms from all law-abiding citizens. Under my watch, it won’t happen.

Religious Freedom

It is the First Amendment to our Constitution for a reason. The right to peacefully exercise your beliefs without fear of reprisal is sacrosanct to the American way of life. That freedom shouldn’t be undermined by a “State of Emergency” or the “rights” of another group. Religious freedom is for all. A government that begins to dictate matters of conscience is quickly headed towards worse things like authoritarianism and communism. As your State Representative, I will defend your First Amendment rights without exception.

Medical Freedom

It is disturbing that these conversations are even happening. People are human first. The decision of whether or not to take a vaccine into your body belongs to you and should not be coerced by an employer, an educational institution, or the government. As Ben Franklin so wisely said, “those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”