America’s Fentanyl War

There’s no doubt that what is happening at our border is a complete and avoidable disaster. However, as much as we would like to think that it requires merely a policy correction, there is something much more sinister at work. China is producing the cheap precursors for fentanyl in order to destabilize and undermine American greatness, a small part of their grand plan for world dominance. To understand their motives, it is necessary we take a look at history.

In the first Opium War, China sought to suppress the opium trade from the British which led to widespread addiction in China, resulting in serious social and economic destabilization. Britain’s domination of the globe in the 19th century was due in part to undermining China’s economic power through opium trade. Does that sound familiar?

Fast forward to the United States in 2022 with a border that is out of control and China’s global dominance on the rise. Instead of opium, fentanyl is pouring across our border into the hands of adults and kids alike, leading to a spike in overdose deaths. Once the mental health of our population was completely decimated thanks to the COVID-19 lockdowns and social isolation, it was the perfect moment to lead Americans like sheep to the slaughter with drug addictions. China is taking advantage of our moment of weakness and our cowardly leaders sit back and let it happen.

Since China’s defeat in the first Opium War, they have been dead set on opposing and undermining the Western world in any way possible. Our failure to confront their economic and military growth in the last two decades has allowed their anti-American rhetoric and agenda of global dominance seep into American society and undermine our principles of freedom.

America losing and being humiliated on the world stage is not acceptable to me. We have incompetent leaders who embarrass us daily and other countries laugh at us. The America that my family immigrated to was a strong, bold, and proud America that shone like a city on a hill, full of hope and the promise of freedom—that is why I unapologetically love America. I’m in this race to fight for that promise once again and preserve hope for the next generation. I hope you’ll join me.

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