Meet Vera Gebran

I wanted to take this moment to introduce myself.

My name is Vera Gebran. I’m a mother, American patriot, and job creator of many scales. I love my country and I’m very concerned about the direction we are heading.

I was born in Lebanon. As a young child, my parents brought our family legally to the United States to start a new life due to the civil war that broke what was formerly known as “The Paris of the Middle-East.” My family experienced firsthand the destruction of what open borders and unlawful entries bring.

We immigrated to the United States because it was a beacon of opportunity, safety, and freedom.

I started working at the age of 12 in my father’s first restaurant.  By the age of 16, I was managing our restaurant with 30 employees while being a full-time student and a state-champion athlete. Though English is my second language, I helped tutor other students in English before the school day started. I also managed my time well enough to be one of the two editors of our high school newspaper. Later I attended Mary Baldwin College in Virginia, which at the time, was an all-women’s college.

My family moved to Arizona in 1991 and we established the first of six U.S. Egg locations in Tempe. After, I headed off to New York City to work in the fashion industry. Despite my love of fashion and working with the industry’s finest, I found it wasn’t the right fit for me. Being of the mindset that living on the two coasts would further my personal development, I went to Los Angeles. It was there that I was recruited by an entrepreneur and his team, who were formulating the outsourcing of call centers to India. It was a terrific success — our team was invited by the governments of Pakistan, South Africa, and Fiji to replicate our business model in their countries. During my years in those countries, I used my influence to encourage less restrictive laws on women and championed their financial independence. Our efforts in India are said to be the catalyst for the emergence of India’s middle class.

My parents raised me to live a life of intention — making me a person who enjoys maximum success in the endeavors I choose. So when I decided to become a mother, I put my career aside and returned to the United States to give my children the best and most, I could. For the last 14 years years, my focus has been on instilling wholesome and productive values in my children, preparing them to be world citizens who can contribute, meaningfully. They are my greatest accomplishment. Now that they are established in school and are independent and self-sufficient, I have the capacity to dedicate myself to serving my community as well as my family.

I am taking on my next big endeavor and running for the Arizona House. There isn’t a more important time to get engaged. I will serve my community and help rescue the American dream that I was a beneficiary of. I realize the importance of leaving behind an Arizona full of opportunity. That’s why I am stepping up — to reverse our decline and help rescue this country for my and your children’s generation.

My campaign is focusing on:

  • Assuring that our kids are being educated, not indoctrinated
  • Safe neighborhoods to live, work, and play in
  • Providing the information we can trust
  • Fostering a business-friendly environment

If my story and values resonate with you, I ask you to please consider supporting my campaign.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to rescue our beloved state and country.

Your servant-leader,

Vera Gebran

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